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Lawyer for Red Light Tickets in New York

Don’t pay that ticket! Red lights serve a valuable function in controlling the flow of traffic and maintaining street safety. Driving through a red light signal is potentially threatening to life and property and the charge of violation a red light is a serious one. It frequently happens that drivers mistime the amber warning light or simply drive through a red signal.

Another common occurrence is a rolling stop through a right turn on red. While you may feel that you have driven safely if you receive a red light ticket you must respond in Court. You have the right to hire an attorney to appear in your defense.
As an attorney fighting New York red light tickets I understands how harsh these charges can be and the possibility of serious consequences. The harsh penalties of the State of New York can include fines, points added to your driving record, increased insurance rates driver’s license suspensions and even jail time.

Red Light Violation Fines

Most Red Signal Violations cost you 3 points on your license in addition to the fine and surcharge. Contact a lawyer immediately to find out exactly which Red Light Violation you were charged with on your ticket.

Red Light Signal Violations include:

Passing a red light for the first offense outside a city of one million or more (1111-(d)1) which could cost a fine of up to $225, and for passing a red light within a city of one million or more could cost up to $450 with a surcharge of $93 in Town and Village Courts, and $88 in all other Courts.
The following  red light tickets can cost a fine of up to $150 with a surcharge of $93 in Town and Village Courts, and a surcharge of $88 in all other Courts for the first offense of:

  • Failure to yield right or left on red (1111 -(d)2a), (1111 -(d)2b)
  • Passing a red arrow (1111 -(d)3)
  • Failure to obey traffic signal ahead (1111 -(e))
  • Passing a flashing red light (1113 -(a))
  • Traveling in a lane controlled by a red signal (1116 -(d))
  • Failure to stop at a malfunctioning traffic-control signal (1117)
  • Pedestrian crossing on a red signal (1111 -(d)4). This red light ticket does not carry points, however the fine could still apply.
  • School bus with passengers making illegal right or left turn on red (1111 -(d)5). This red light ticket also does not carry points, however the fine could still apply.

Red Light Camera Tickets and Police served Tickets

cop writing ticket

There are two different ways that drivers can receive a red light ticket. First, a police officer can witness you running a red light and issue you a ticket on the spot, or serve the ticket upon you at your home. These red light tickets can be recorded on your driving record and carry points. If this kind of ticket is mailed to you and not served on you personally the charges may be dismissed.
A second kind of ticket is received via a camera.

Many New York intersections are monitored by traffic cameras that are triggered when the light turns red and a car drives over the line. A photo is taken of your license plate, and a ticket is mailed to your home address. These red light tickets do not go on your driving record and do not carry points, therefore they are similar to parking tickets in this regard. These tickets do not need to be served to you personally and are the responsibility of whoever registered the car or the car owner.

For more information about the DMV point system follow this link, and for more information about non moving violation follow here.

Call The Lawyer

For further questions regarding red light tickets, do not hesitate to contact an experienced New York traffic ticket attorney. I can be reached by calling 845-356-7770 or by completing our online contact form. For your convenience, we offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards as payment for services.