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Lawyer for Moving Violations in New York

While using the roadways of New York we are subject to the rules and laws of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. When a police officer issues a traffic ticket A/K/A a moving violation he is claiming that you have violated the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and if the violation is driving related; committed a moving violation.

If you have received a ticket, it is wise to contact an experienced Lawyer as soon as possible to learn about the possible fines, points, driver license suspensions, and incarceration (jail time). Don’t pay your ticket without first consulting with an attorney! Paying the ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty in Court or a conviction after Trial. The conviction is automatically reported to the DMV along with being added to your driving history . Depending on your driving record and the moving violation you are convicted of, the DMV may take action against your license to drive.

Moving Violations and non Moving Violations

When is a Vehicle and Traffic Law Ticket, a moving violation, and when is is not a moving violation? A simple example is a registration ticket for when your car is not registered, and you are driving your car, your ticket is a moving violation. However, if your car is parked on the public street without a registration, the ticket you may receive is not a moving violation, even though it is a Vehicle and Traffic Law ticket. The responsibility of all moving violations rest upon the driver while the responsibility of non moving violations rest upon the owner of the vehicle.

While non moving violations do not carry points and generally can not effect your driver’s license or insurance rates, failing to respond to a non moving violation may be punishable by the DMV suspending your car’s registration, and in turn the DMV may suspend your driver’s license. It is important that you do not lend your car to anyone who you do not trust to pay their own parking tickets and non moving violations.

Moving Violations in New York for out of state drivers

red light ticket lawyer For 30+ years, Attorney Zev Goldstein has represented clients throughout New York State facing moving violations. While New York residents are the majority of defendants facing moving violations in NY, out of state drivers who visit NY or who travel through NY to reach Canada, Connecticut Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Vermont also may receive traffic tickets in New York and must respond to those tickets here in New York. While the Court can require a defendant to appear in front of them, most Courts respect the difficulty of appearing from out of state to answer a traffic ticket and allow a lawyer to appear on their behalf.

While I will attempt to discuss the most common offenses on my website the actual number of moving violations in New York State are many. I encourage you to contact my office for a free consultation no matter the severity or name of your ticket and I will do my best to advice of your unique situation.

While this list is extensive, it is far from complete. New York state has identified hundreds of traffic violations, and they all carry variable consequences based on numerous factors. As soon as you receive a traffic ticket, it is wise to consult with an experienced lawyer to learn more about the specific consequences you are facing and any possibility to get the charge reduced. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.


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cop writing ticket If you have further questions regarding moving violations, do not hesitate to contact a skilled New York traffic ticket lawyer. I can be reached by calling 845-356-7770 or by completing our online contact form. We offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards as payment for services.