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It was for sure over 10 years ago

  • ZevGoldstein
  • 18th Jul, 2014
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It was for sure over 10 years ago, but it will never go out of my mind, I was in one of the upstate busy courts and had 2 tickets (1=3 Point & 1=2 Point) and I was trying to convince the Trooper to plea bargain for a parking ticket, but it didn’t go and we prepared to go into the court room for trial, Mr. Goldstein was in court as usual for his handful of clients that day standing nearby listening to the conversation, I never met him before, but Mr. Goldstein instantly got involved and convinced the Trooper to reduce my tickets to one parking ticket. Mr. Goldstein told me afterwards that this time he is not taking any fee, it’s his mitzvah today. Thank you Mr. Goldstein. I since then recommended many happy clients.
-Sam D.

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