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I was issued a speeding ticket

  • ZevGoldstein
  • 18th Jul, 2014
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I was issued a speeding ticket for supposedly going 50 in a 35 in Eden, NY, though I was coming down a steep incline, had my foot off of the acceleration, and was braking as the cop turned his lights on. It was my first interaction with law enforcement, so I called Mr. Goldstein in the hope that I could get some advice on what to do. Knowing full well I couldn’t afford his counsel, he talked on the phone with me and guided me through the steps I’d have to take as well as the necessary documents I’d have to obtain in order to try and get the ticket reduced. He was very courteous through my questions and seemed extremely knowledgeable about both the infraction and court process. It wasn’t until later that I found out that he is also a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, as am I. It’s good to see the university well represented.
-Ethan Powers Eden, NY, (09/24/2013)

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