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Tenant Evictions

Landlords can lose thousands of dollars a months from each tenant not paying timely. Fortunately that money does not need to be lost forever. The eviction option can insure timely payment. Or at lest you will be able to move the non paying tenant out, so you will be able to get a new tenant in.

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you! You should not have to shoulder the burden of paying another person’s rent in the form of mortgages. At any time in the eviction process you will be able to stay the eviction. So just because you started to take your tenant to court, you will not need to continue with the eviction.

The Eviction Process

The eviction traditionally takes around 2 weeks from the start until you will get to Court. At that time if there is no adequate defense there will be a Warrant of Eviction signed by the Judge effective immediately. The Judge may also sign a monetary judgement that would be effective even after the tenant has moved out. The next step will be to deliver the warrant to Sheriff Civil Division. The sheriff will carry out the Eviction as soon they can, usually 2 to 6 weeks (here in Rockland) from when they get the Warrant.

Many times tenants will start making payments as soon as they get summoned, when the warrant is signed, or when the sheriff delivers a notice with the Sheriff arrival date.

Don’t delay! Start the eviction case now so you save as much money as possible.