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Children’s Rights & Custody Laws

Ideally Child Custody would belong to 2 happy parents who are both willing and capable of providing a home and making positive choices for their child.

Sadly that is often not the case

Most of the time, children are not able to claim for themselves. Therefore we adults must look out for our children’s best interests. This includes being able to visit, and live with their closest relatives; their parents.

We provide compassionate representation for either parent or on behalf of the child:

  • Securing visitation/custody rights
  • Obtaining custody in court in cases of abuse and neglect
  • Representation of a party accused of abuse or neglect of a child
  • Representation of the parent or the child to request the county to help with a “PINS” Person In Need of Supervision
  • To help a child charged with being a juvenile delinquent
  • Representation in cases of termination of parental rights

For 30+ years Attorney Zev Goldstein focuses
on the legal options which bring about
the best possible outcome for the child.
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