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Police Brutality & Misconduct

18452160_sIf you were stopped by an officer of the law for a traffic violation but feel that they used excessive force or harmed, you need to call us right away for a free consultation.
The majority of police officers are hard working, ethical, and committed to their jobs. They have to deal with life threatening and very stressful situations at times. Unfortunately, some police officers take every situation to that next level and treat every resident as if they are a criminal. This abuse of power has been documented many times in the past and continues to plague law abiding people who do not deserve police brutality and misconduct.
These acts of abuse can leave people with large emotional and physical scars, that could even land them in jail with hefty fines and legal costs. We put our hard earned trust into the police force that is supposed to protect and serve, so when they decide to betray that trust, it shouldn’t go unpunished.
Luckily, there is legal recourse that could really assist in these types of situations. No one should let the abuse of power go unnoticed and should contact us ASAP to ensure that we can do everything in our power to rectify the situation for you.
Examples of Police Brutality
Police brutality doesn’t just mean unnecessary physical abuse, it can be a number of different things. If you feel like you have been wronged at any point by an officer, than you should make sure they didn’t do anything that could be considered unnecessary. Here is a list of common examples that could be considered as police brutality:
– Excessive force

– False arrest

– False imprisonment

– Wrongful shootings

– Taser injuries

– High speed police car chases

– Mental and emotional abuse

– Racial profiling

– Unwarranted or degrading strip searches

– Overall improper policing activities
Although we specialize in fighting traffic violations, situations can arise that end up turning into much more than just a routine traffic stop. If you were stopped for something simple such as a speeding ticket, but then found yourself being treated wrong or being accused of something you didn’t do, you will need to take action as soon as you can. We provide free consultations to our clients, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.
What To Do After Being A Victim
Unfortunately some police brutality cases end up with the victim being arrested and unable to take action right away, which also adds to the traumatizing experience. As soon as you can, give us a call so that we can review the case for free and assist you in any way we can. If you were never arrested, then the first things you should do are:
– Document everything that happened as soon as it is possible. Take plenty of pictures of any physical injuries. Write down everything that happened while it is still fresh in your mind.
– Get medical attention right away to make sure you are OK and also to have a medical record regarding the situation.
– Try and get any names of witnesses that could have seen the police officer abuse their power.
Being stopped by police doesn’t warrant any force if it isn’t necessary, so if you feel that you have had your constitutional rights denied, then you might have a case.
Contact us today to get a free consultation. Even if you don’t know you have a case, it is always better to have us take a look and review your situation for you.