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Is a DUI Your Wakeup Call? Take Control of your Life and Find a Rehab that Works for You

  • Cara
  • 18th Mar, 2016
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You got a DUI. Maybe it’s your first, maybe not, but you know you should not have been driving. Often, the simple act of being […]

How to dress and behave in a courtroom

  • Cara
  • 12th May, 2015
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For many people, having to go to court for jury duty is an unpleasant experience. However, for a criminal defendant, it is even worse due […]

Traffic Ticket Photo

  • goldstein
  • 6th Feb, 2013
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Traffic Ticket Charges

Hacked by Moroccan Agent Secret

  • backup
  • 6th Jun, 2012
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Hacked by Hitler El Maghribi