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ZEVgoldstien The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein PLLC provides you with quality representation of traffic tickets and driving-related crimes like DWI/DUI, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation / driving on a suspended license, suspended registration and the like. We have successfully resolved over 30,000 cases.

We make it as simple and easy as possible for our clients.

Clients choose our firm to fight their tickets because:

 • We save you money by negotiating for lesser offenses than speeding tickets in New York, thus reducing the fine amount and points.

 • We save you time: in most cases you don’t need to come to court.

 • We protect your driver’s license from getting suspended or revoked by careful negotiation, and by reading through the small print.

 • Our knowledge of the law and the court system & our experience as both Traffic Court prosecutors and Traffic Court defense counsel gives us a competitive advantage, obtaining the best possible results, saving you time, fine money and aggravation.

 • We can get violations reduced so your auto insurance premium does not skyrocket, and your record looks good for the future should you face any other legal action.

Points and Convictions matter.

Any driver (even out-of-state drivers) who accumulates six points within 18 months, bases on the date of violation, will be billed a $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment, plus another $75 for each additional point. Accumulation eleven points, 3 speeds, or driving related misdemeanors (based on date of violation – not conviction) within 18 months bases on the date of violation, your license will be suspended or revoked. In some cases we might obtain a reduction to a non-moving violation, which means no points or speeds, and no insurance consequence. In other cases the reduction may still carry points (fewer), but may not affect your insurance as severally.

The greatest loss in terms of money could be insurance, it’s not just about the points. In New York, points do not affect insurance directly. Insurance companies in New York are allowed raise rates because of the type of violation(s) you have.

In most cases we are able to obtain reductions to violations that do not affect insurance rates, or will have less of a affect on them.

For more difficult situations (such if you get a speeding ticket at high speeds or if you already have a bad record) the reductions we obtain on your behalf will result in fewer points and lesser fines than if you just plead guilty.

We also take “last minute” cases so even if your court date is today or very soon, we can help.

So email us your legal documents or notice of revocation today! Will will do everything in our power to assist you, and there is no obligation.